Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mother's Day Benefit for the Women and Water Conference

Mother's Day Benefit with Samantha Shakti-Brown and Kelly Blaser
May 11, 08 at the Shakti Yoga Shala in the Santa Cruz Mountains
All proceeds to benefit the Women's Earth Alliance. The Women's Earth Alliance supports Women in a variety of Programs, including: Women and Water, Women and Environmental Justice, Women and Sustainable Agriculture, and Women and Climate Change.
Proceeds from our event will directly support The Women and Water Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, Summer '08.

Samantha Shakti-Brown and Kelly Blaser will offer yoga and meditation courses in the morning and afternoon. We will be served fabulous Ayurvedic Fare at lunchtime, and after lunch we'll delight in the gorgeous voices of the a capella trio of Heather Houston, Molly Hartwell, and Samantha Keller. The songstresses will also offer an hour of musical inspiration where we'll learn songs from around the world.

Join us for a magical day practicing, taking in the blessings of song, eating together, and relaxing on the mountain. In addition to all of the above listed offerings, you have the option of taking time to enjoy the land, to hike, journal, rest, etc.

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